Jun 12

Befriending What Is (Reprise)

A Guided Relaxation and Meditation Practice

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Movement and stillness practices for vitality and ease, with Claudia Cummins. Learn more at www.ClaudiaCummins.com.
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Sages teach that the secret to living happily is to rest with ease in each moment, with a sense of openness and freedom. This is easier said than done, of course, but with practice we can nudge our minds in that direction.

This 20-minute guided practice offers an opportunity to settle into the moment, to let go of excess tension, and to offer goodwill toward ourselves and the world around us. We learn to befriend what is - in our bodies, our breath, our mind and our world.

The practice is explored in a reclined position, so you can really settle into the earth and completely let go of stress and strain. It could also be explored seated, or even standing up.

My website includes lots of essays and practices to help us remember how to meet each moment with friendliness and equanimity.  I wrote this short piece to remind myself of the possibility of living with ease, no matter how challenging the outer world. Perhaps you, too, have your own image or muse to help you find your way.