Jun 19

Dropping Inward (Reprise)

A Guided Relaxation Practice

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Movement and stillness practices for vitality and ease, with Claudia Cummins. Learn more at www.ClaudiaCummins.com.
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Hatha yoga classes traditionally end with a guided relaxation called savasana, or corpse pose. After having moved the body and freed up the breath, we rest in stillness. Within this quiet space, we cultivate a steady, rich awareness that helps us feel deeply alive in the moment and utterly at home in the world.

In many ways, the entire session leading up to the last few minutes of yoga class is preparation for savasana. In the more active portion of class, we move and breathe and release tension, so that when we come to stillness at the end of class, we are primed to open to the clarity and tenderness deep within.

I like to think of savasana as dessert, as the sweetness that follows the nourishment of rest of the meal. These few quiet moments feel like a balm and a gift, especially amid the din of our busy world.

This 10-minute guided relaxation is, in fact, a savasana from one of the yoga classes I offer each week. (It even includes a little birdsong and a gentle rain shower.) I hope it gives you a taste of contentment, even if you haven’t enjoyed a session of mindful movement beforehand. Or, better yet, stand up and move gently for a few moments, and then settle onto the ground for what I hope will be a tasty dessert.

Please visit my website for additional offerings designed to help cultivate ease, clarity and loving awareness. And please join us for a yoga or meditation class to experience savasana together. I offer sessions on Zoom for both local and long-distance students. (This summer I am also leading outdoor pop-up classes for local friends). All are welcome!