Welcome to At Home in the World with Claudia Cummins. I’m thrilled to share this space with you.

On this site I share a variety of guided audio practices that help cultivate vitality and ease, so that we may feel awake in each moment and at home in the world. My hope is that these explorations will slip into the folds of your life in beautiful and wholesome ways.

These guided practices are designed to be gentle and accessible enough to be practiced by almost any body, almost any time and almost any place. Some offerings focus on gentle movement, some explore the power of the breath, and others guide us toward the stillness of deep relaxation and meditation. Most sessions last between 10 and 30 minutes, with the hope that they can fit into even the busiest of days.

My hope is that these explorations will become your good friends, offering you a little calm when you are anxious, a little energy when you are sluggish, and a little clarity when you are feeling lost. And I hope the practices are rich enough to savor many times, offering the possibility of continued insight and inspiration.

A Personal Exploration

At Home in the World stems from my own 25 years of exploring the art of shining brightly and living well. The explorations don’t fit into any neat category - yoga asana or pranayama or meditation or qigong - although you will find elements of all the practices I cherish in our sessions. I suppose you could say I have dived deeply into the oceans of ancient and modern spiritual practices - guided by many wise and wonderful teachers - and am returning to the surface to share my own interpretation of their manifold gifts. 

My invitation to you is to keep the practices in your metaphorical back pocket, and then to pull them out when you find yourself with a few free moments. Perhaps you’ll even develop a ritual, settling into them first thing in the morning, or in mid-afternoon, or last thing before bed. 

If you find yourself waking in the night, you might even practice then. I’ve been told by some that these audios sometimes lull them to sleep. I’m not offended in the least. If that happens for you, then sleep is likely the healing medicine you need. Enjoy the nap!

Making These Practices Your Own

I invite you to consider these offerings suggestions rather than instructions, as you explore your own way of moving, breathing and being in the world. Let the practices be springboards into your own adventure. You are your own best teacher, after all, so if you hear a voice urging you to try something different or head off on a different path, please do.

I also encourage you to stay within your comfort zone throughout the practices. If you ever feel strain or discomfort, please stop and then move or rest in a happier way. Not every movement is perfect for every body. Honor your own needs and urges, so that you can create a practice that is perfect for you, right here and right now.

A Lively Conversation

I would love for this adventure to feel like a conversation, so please reach out to me with questions, reactions, suggestions, and feedback. Let me know if there is something you would like to explore more deeply or something new you’d like to try. You can reach me by replying to the emails that I send, or by visiting this website and using the comment section at the end of each post.

All of these offerings here at At Home in the World are freely offered, with the hope that they can be accessible to all. If you are moved to support this adventure, please consider becoming a paid subscriber for $6 per month or $60 per year. I so appreciate the generosity of those who support my efforts to spread a little ease and happiness in the world. Thank you!

At Home in the World supplements my existing offerings, which continue as they have in the past, freely offered to all. My home website continues to offer a complete archive of my essays, articles, practices and poems. My donation-based movement and meditation classes also continue online via Zoom. All are welcome to join us.

Thank you so much for joining me here. I appreciate your trust and your enthusiasm in sharing this space, and I look forward to sharing the adventure ahead.